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About Us

Ghosts of Marietta

a person standing in front of a building

Join us in Georgia for our Ghosts of Marietta as we tour the historic streets of this gem of the south with a past that is deep in tradition, history and quality of life.

As with any community harboring these traits, some residents chose to never leave. Whether it is the tale of the departed spirit of a civil war soldier, or a mysterious resident of one of Marietta’s stately homes or businesses, you will hear the stories behind these mysteries and maybe, if you’re lucky, experience them as well.

Our tour guides tell stories based on a mix of documented sightings, firsthand experiences, and history.

Our tours operate all year long, not only at Halloween.

Meet our Guides


Lindsey is a seventh generation Mariettan and her family has been here since 1845. She loves everything about the city…especially its haunted history! She grew up doing theater locally and currently directs elementary drama with the Strand Theater’s education department. In her free time you can usually find her spending time with her husband and children, usually on the Marietta Square.


Amanda has always enjoyed ghost stories and tales of the super natural.  Born on Halloween,  Amanda has felt drawn to all things ghostly.  She and her husband were even married in Savannah, Ga, known as the most haunted city in the country.  When she’s not being the ghost hostess with the mostest, Amanda enjoys traveling, spending time with her family & is a proponent of animal rescue.


Shea has a BA in Theatre and loves to bring some theatricality to her tours. She has always had an interest in all things dark and mystical. She loves the beautiful and historic city of Marietta almost as much as she loves telling spooky stories with a dash of humor. She is always excited to guide tours through her mysterious home town!


Emily is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies. She has had a fascination with all things paranormal from a young age, and has found her home-away-from-home with her ghost tour family. When she’s not leading ghost tours, you can hear her as zombie apocalypse survivor Jennifer Long in the podcast Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope.


Thea is a writer, podcaster, and connoisseur of the macabre. Although her interests lie in many haunted places around the world, Marietta is close to her heart. A natural born storyteller, Thea is passionate about passing on the folklore and stories of the dead


Michele Lowe has grown up different than many, in that she is a fourth generation psychic, a paranormal investigator and a psychic researcher. She has been featured on Destination America’s A Haunting and is a featured writer in Crypid Creatures From Dark Domains: Dogmen, Devil Hounds, Phantom Canines and Real Werewolves and Amityville And Beyond: Lore of The Poltergeist And Other Paranormal Phenomena.  She has been an active paranormal investigator since 2002-2003.


Maddie Fay loves spending autumn nights walking people through the cemetery more than she loves most things. She daylights as a lighting designer, electrician, and carpenter for theatre, concerts, television, and film, and she also appears around Atlanta sharing her work as a writer and storyteller.


Catherine is a believer in the paranormal. Not Zach Baggins level, more a calm “yeah they exist” way. Catherine was a history major, so loves when her history gets a little spooked. Her favorite show is Supernatural, go figure, she loves Halloween, and wishes to meet the ghost of Queen Elizabeth the First one day. Catherine is also a freelance creator and likes to write short stories and journalistic themed articles from time to time. She has lived in Marietta all her life and pretty positive there is a ghost in her basement.


Rosalind Bunn is an elementary school teacher in East Cobb.  She has been on every ghost tour in the Southeast and can’t wait to lead her own.  She is also the traditionally published author of seven previous picture books (2011-2018). Her most recent title is Beau’s Bayou Treasure (River Road Press, New Orleans, 2019).  When she is not on a ghost tour or in a bookstore, Rosalind is enjoying her four grandchildren.


Kim is a 6th generation Georgian. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with an education in business and theatre. She now is a realtor in Marietta and beyond, but she won’t sell you a haunted house…unless you want one!