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Charcuterie Boards Around Marietta Square

Have you tried a Charcuterie Board from one of the many places around Marietta Square?  Well listen up, because there are some true culinary artists in our community making boards that are not only visually stunning, but will really tempt your taste buds as well.

Gem City Grazing is owned by a good friend of ours and she can really put together a delicious grazing board or box using the highest quality ingredients and they say their products are a treat for all the senses.  Each grazing box includes 2 meats, 2 types of cheese, veggies, hummus, fruit, nuts, dips and other fun surprises!  It’s quite full and includes 2 packs of crackers as well.

Grazing boards are custom made and Gem City will work with you to find out how many people you need to serve and the price is based on that and any other special requests.  They have recently partnered with Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes to create some new and unique grazing boxes such as the “Lox Box” that is perfect for a brunch picnic in Marietta Square…it includes fresh baked mini bagels, smoked salmon with capers, homemade cream cheese, red onion and other assorted fruit/veggies and jams.  We know their quality standards are high at Gem City Grazing, so order a box to take home and enjoy!

a close up of many different vegetables on displayimage credit- Gem City Grazing Instagram

The Butcher The Baker has been doing Charcuterie boards for a while and they always use locally sourced artisinal meats and cheeses, house made pickles & mustard, scratch made pate’, seasonal fruits/veggies and in-house made breads/jams to round out the perfect board to share.

They have several board options to choose from, whether you want to try just the cheeses, or just the meats…or combine the two to make for a delicious meal or snack.  They recently created a bigger “Party Board” that is huge and can serve between 5-6 people and they make it easy to order on their website, so check out The Butcher The Baker, you won’t be disappointed!

food on a wooden tableThe Party Board- image credit TBTB Facebook page

Two Birds Taphouse is a favorite spot of ours that offer some delectable boards and we really enjoy the Vegetable Board that has a selection of seasonal grilled vegetables, herb goat cheese cream, chili honey…it looks like a “garden on a board!”

They also offer a more traditional charcuterie option that has Benton’s 18-month aged country ham, summer sausage, house pimento cheese, local artisan cheeses, pickled okra, pickled green beans, strawberry jam & crostini.  Although not really a board, you need to try their Deviled Eggs- smoked salt, chives, b&b pickles, candied bacon…we could eat a million of these!  Order a craft cocktail or one of the many locally produced beers with your board to make for a perfect happy hour snack.

Vegetable Board- image credit Two Birds Facebook page

Silla Del Toro is a newer addition to Marietta Square ans has become very popular in a short period of time.  The charcuterie they offer is different in the fact that you can pick and choose how to build your own board.  Some of the artisan meats they serve are- Chorizo picante, smoked pork seasoned with hot paprika, salt and garlic…Jamon Iberico Cured Ham, Cured Spanish Ham, Aged for 24 Months.

The vast cheese selections include- Queso De La Serena, cheese made from Sheep’s Milk, Aged for 60 days…Manchego, cheese made from Sheep’s Milk from La Mancha Region of Spain, Aged for 15 Months.  We could list many more, but check out their website to see all the selections and be sure and get a reservation for this hot spot in Marietta Square.

a table full of foodimage credit- Silla Del Toro Facebook page





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