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Cool Treats around Marietta Square

Everyone knows Summer in the South is brutally hot and humid, so here are few spots we like to get a treat to cool down and take a chill pill.

Sarah Jean’s Ice Cream has been on Marietta Square for well over 20 years and serve locally crafted Greenwood ice cream and also offer various coffee drinks.  You must try one of their signature items…the Banana Split is huge and traditionally made with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, (but you can DIY flavors) topped with caramel, strawberry and chocolate sauces and topped with house made whipped cream to make for the perfect Summer treat!  The also serve Revolution Vegan Gelato, which is also locally sourced in Atlanta.  Give in to your cravings and feel good about your choices because the Gelato is 100% plant based, organic, gluten and soy free… some of their staple flavors are Darkest Chocolate, French Press Coffee and Full Throttle Vanilla.  Stop in and cool off at Sarah Jean’s, you’ll be glad you did!

a close up of a piece of cake on a plateimage credit- Sarah Jean’s Facebook page

Updog Smoothies is a hidden gem just off the square and has lots of yummy cool treats that range from Smoothies, Fresh Juices/shots and Fruit/Protein Bowls that are sure to fill your belly with fresh, healthy ingredients.  If you want to cool off with a Fruit Smoothie, then give “Freshness” a try made with Strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, orange and Almond milk.  Green Smoothies are all the rage and we like the “Jolly Llama” prepared with Mango, pineapple, banana, kale, orange and almond milk.

If you need to hydrate, then order a freshly made juice like the “Crocodile” that has Orange, Kale, Ginger and Jalepeno for a bit of spice… or try an immune boosting shot of Ginger and Turmeric .  The Power Bowls are delicious and we like this one- ARIANA’S PROTEIN BOWL Blended Spinach, Banana, Blueberries, Protein Powder, Hemp Seeds & Almond Milk – Topped with Chia Seeds, Banana, Blueberries, Spirulina & Nut Butter.


a bowl of fruit on a plateimage credit- Updog Facebook page
Snow On The Square is the quintessential Summertime treat and they create authentic New Orleans style Sno-balls in many flavors and variations.  You can order the shaved ice creation topped with sprinkles, chocolate syrup or “stuffed” with vanilla ice cream.  Get a classic flavor like Blue Raspberry or Coconut, or go for a Tutti Frutti or Wedding Cake and the offer sugar free flavors as well.
This is a quote from their website and we couldn’t agree more! “Forget what you think you know about frozen slushies, snow cones and the like. Our New Orleans sno-ball is the softest, “fluffiest” shaved ice you’ve ever tasted, infused with our high-quality flavors or classic New Orleans flavorings. We believe that you’ll agree, it’s the most refreshing SNO-BALL treat around!”
a close up of a hand holding a cup in front of a cakeimage credit- Snow on the Square Facebook page
Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar has been open since 2015 and also has locations in Woodstock & inside the Marietta Square Market Food Hall.  Bubble Tea is all the rage and they take high quality teas and combine them with Taiwanese Bubble Tea to make for a fun flavor explosion and come in many flavors and variations.  What is bubble tea you ask, well in a nutshell it starts with a tea base and then you can add sweeteners and other flavors…they come in milk or clear teas and have either chewy tapioca boba pearls or popping fruity pearls and it’s served with a “fat straw” to get the boba through the straw, which is the fun part!
Some of their most popular Bubble Tea flavors are Thai, Razzleberry, Mango and Strawberries/Cream, just to name a few.  They also offer delicious Edible Cookie Dough, French Macarons and Soft Serve Bubble Tea in select locations.  You can order ahead on their handy app and also have your order delivered thru Uber Eats.  If you want a cool, refreshing drink or a sweet treat give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.
a close up of a bottle and a glass of orange juiceimage credit- Tiny Bubbles Facebook page